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Students are required to pay a Registration Fee of $500.00 per semester. This fee covers administrative costs and online learning resources.


Specialized Ministry
Specialized Ministry This course will examine the call to ministry, ministry as vocation and explore issues that are important in carrying out the “call” effectively and efficiently through and within the various “Orders” and “Ministries” of the Church. This course places emphasis on the practice and performance of ministry.  It assists students in developing a […]


Introduction to Sociology
This course is an introduction to the set of perspectives on human life that allows us to understand how our personal lives are affected by our place in society. It is designed not just to teach students some of the major findings of sociology, but to help them to master fundamental sociological skills.


Certificate in Presiding Eldership
The Certificate in Presiding Eldership prepares individuals for their role as Presiding Elders (of The PCTT) for pastoral care and to administer the Sacraments (Holy Baptism and Holy Communion).


Comparative World Religions
This course looks at five of the major World Religions in an effort to appreciate the religion of the “Other”.  This course introduces the study of religion and examines the history, doctrines, beliefs, practices, and institutions of these religions.


Homiletics II
This course will focus on the major aspects of homiletics: the movement from exegesis to the sermon, and the practice of preparing and preaching sermons.  The treatment of the theology of homiletics will introduce students to the theology of the Word of God and of preaching, and will include consideration of the definition, purpose, and […]



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The Mission of SATC is to inspire and fulfil the call to spiritual enlightenment, empowerment, engagement and edification through ecumenical, inclusive, theological education.


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