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Student Support

Live & Learn Orientation:

What is the Live and Learn Orientation?

The Live and Learn Orientation was designed to officially welcome and thank you for choosing our college and provide the knowledge you need to have a successful start to your academic year at SATC. You will learn about our expectations of you as well as what you can expect of us. Our overall goal is to assist you in getting off to a great start and providing

you with the necessary information for a successful finish.

When is orientation?

Orientation is held at the beginning of every new academic year.

What can I expect during orientation?

During orientation, students are provided with information regarding the college’s programmes, support services, sensitisation to the educational and career opportunities available to them, awareness of the Health and Safety and various Quality Policies as well as a tour of the premises. Students are introduced to the principal, board of directors, lecturers and support and administrative staff.

When do I receive information about orientation?

Information on orientation is emailed to students one week before the start of the academic year. Students must complete a registration form online to ensure the college can communicate with them.

student guidance


Counselling is available for students who might be dealing with a variety of personal problems. The demands of school can feel overwhelming and there are times when unexpected events happen in our lives. Our experience has shown that such a programme has great value, enabling significant achievements in self-understanding and in helping a person cope with the varied pressures to which a student is exposed in their roles as spouse, parent, citizen, friend and candidate for ministry.


A Guidance Counsellor is always available for in-person or

electronic counselling sessions to help you through life’s difficult moments.


How do I schedule a session with the Guidance Counsellor?

  • Counselling sessions are scheduled by the office administrator or principal. Students can send their request via email or telephone. All requests are handled with confidentiality.
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Student Support

Academic Advising

The principal and faculty are available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have about your academics. Our academic advisors help students navigate all options that are available, and work with you to make informed decisions through a supportive working relationship.


You should see an academic advisor to:

  • Acquire information on institutional policies, procedures and resources.
  • Develop an academic plan consistent with your life/career goals and objectives.
  • Identify which programme and/or courses are right for you.
  • Request a leave of absence.
  • Request extension of deadlines or resits.
  • Discuss programme/course withdrawal.
  • Evaluate your progress towards established goals.
  • Check graduation requirements.
  • Plan social work or pastoral care.


Who can access academic advising services?

Persons interested in studying at SATC and all enrolled students can gain access to our academic advising services.


How do I contact an academic advisor?

Advisory meetings are scheduled by the office administrator.

Students can send their request via email or telephone.

student SERVICES

Library & Resources

SATC offers resources and services online and on-campus to enhance the academic interests of our students, faculty and staff.


Students have access to online library resources through EBSCOhost, one of the world’s largest online scholarly library resources. All students are provided with access to EBSCOhost and offered training in how to access the multitude of journals and books available, tailored to your learning and research interests.


The on-campus library is open to the community. Our on-site facilities offer study spaces, research facilities and additional assistance. SATC Library also collaborates with the Archives Committee of The PCTT. The archives hold vast historical resources which are useful for research purposes.


Library/Archive Hours:

Tuesday        -          9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Thursday       -          9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, the library/archive opening hours may vary. Persons are asked to contact the administration office before visiting the facilities.

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St. Andrew’s Theological College Students’ Association

An essential part of our students’ experience is a sense of belonging. The purpose of St. Andrew’s Theological College Students’ Association (SATCSA) is to express and interpret student opinion to faculty and administration; to be involved in achieving student goals; to be involved in the execution of policies; to keep student body informed on matters of student interest; and to participate in the provisions, coordination and regulation of cultural, educational, social and recreational programs which benefit the College community.

This organization represents student interests and concerns, facilitates student involvement and coordinates student activities. SATC encourages full student participation in

SATCSA, since this provides for the development of student leadership and self-expression.


St. Andrew’s Theological College Alumni Association

Whether you just graduated or completed your studies years ago, your fellowship with SATC has not come to an end! The SATC Alumni Association is a community of past students, lecturers and friends of the college. Its aim is to connect the alumni to the college through various activities while providing an opportunity to engage with your SATC family.

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Student Support

Payment Plans

SATC offers payment plans that allows students to spread their tuition payments out over the semester, as opposed to paying their bill in full. Normally, students are required to pay tuition in full by mid-term.


Students are unable to obtain certificates or transcripts until all fees are paid in full.


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The Mission of SATC is to inspire and fulfil the call to spiritual enlightenment, empowerment, engagement and edification through ecumenical, inclusive, theological education.


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