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A Comparative Analysis of the Nature of Humanity in Augustine and Soloveitchik

This thesis shall compare and analyze the nature of humanity as presented by Augustine of Hippo in his De Civitate Dei (J'he City of God) and by Joseph Soloveitchik in !sh ha-halakah (Halakhic Man). The thesis shall demonstrate, in addition to the expected differences, that there is a curious closeness in their thought.
At the Intersection – A Caribbean Philosophy of Religion


The hermeneutical circle – We arrive where we begin. This is our space, our context which is one of rich cultural religious intersection. Thus what we are here engaging relates to our space and indeed I argue that we can only come to proper understanding of any and everything in terms of our context.
Expelling the Ghost The Death of Philosophy and Contemporary Theory


Contemporary theorizing is in a quagmire. There is postmodern nihilism along with a generic shuffling of concepts.


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Because the freedom of inquiry is essential to the principles of academia at the heart of the vision and mission of SATC, instructors and students at SATC have the freedom to teach or communicate ideas and/or facts without fear or favour and whether or not they may be inconvenient to any authorities. This freedom of speech guarantees liberty to question and to analyze received wisdom, and to have and to share opinions.  

All true knowledge is revealed and ruled by the Lord. All domains such as science, art, music, dance, literature, technology as well as theology are all fields for exploration and discovery. When Christ makes us free, we are free indeed (John 8:46), unfettered to live and to learn. Guide to Church Membership, pages 88-89


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