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Lenten Meditations 2022: Grace Be With You All


Lenten Meditations 2022: Grace Be With You All

For the past 130 years, St. Andrew’s Theological College has been committed to the ecumenical thrust in Trinidad and Tobago and within the Caribbean. Our booklet continues to be a source of inspiration and encouragement. It is evident that these simple, yet profound meditations have been a truly significant faith experience for God’s people.

The chosen theme, for Lenten Meditation 2022 is “Grace be with you all”, is a characteristic benediction of the Apostle Paul, and reminds us that God’s abiding grace is experienced in the midst of every challenging situation in the lives of individuals, communities, nations and generations.

Grace is at the foundation of Christianity. By grace, the lost are found. By grace, God’s children stand in confidence. From a biblical and theological perspective, Grace is “unmerited divine assistance given to humans for their regeneration or sanctification.” In other words, grace is God’s unmerited favour – that which we do not deserve but yet receive.

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