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Conflict Management
Conflict Management: This course discusses conflict, from its source to the point of resolution. It identifies the causes of conflict and examines its escalation when left unresolved. Methods of resolution of disputes are studied with the emphasis on mediation. The course also highlights types of conflict as pertinent to the local context and there is a focus on mediation as a preferred method of conflict resolution.


Conversational Spanish for Church Leaders
This course aims to provide students with an introduction to the fundamentals of the spanish language while involving them in a variety of activities that promote interactive communication.


History of the Caribbean
On completion of this course students will understand the main trends in the evolution of Caribbean Society from pre-columbian times to present and the forces and change determinants that have shaped those peculiar social patterns.


Homiletics I
This course will explore the history, theology and contemporary contextual practice of homiletics through the study of the principles and techniques of sermon preparation and sermon delivery, complemented by practical exercises.


Church Worship Music
This course will examine worship with a focus on definitions, the liturgical calendar, forms of liturgy and the introduction of material that are helpful for the planning of worship in the congregation. This will be done from a perspective of the Reform tradition with focus on the Presbyterianism.


Church History II From Reformation to New Formations
This course explores the questions, issues, answers, events, cultures and contexts which influenced and were influenced by developments in the Christian Church from the sixteenth century to the present day.


Introduction to Psychology
This course allows students to begin the process of disseminating the basic principles of psychology. An attempt will also be made to indicate where psychological principles could play an effective part in understanding and solving certain problems. This course is designed to survey selected theories, research and issues as students gain an understanding of basic […]


Introduction to Philosophy 1
This course is a brief history of Philosophy and addresses some of the philosophical questions and problems and various approaches to their solutions. The student will be exposed to traditional philosophical systems and how these systems approach and attempt to solve the problems confronting human existence.


Introductionto Counselling
The Introduction to Counselling course is open to anyone and the skills acquired throughout the course are transferable and will benefit those seeking further study in pastoral counselling. The course provides communication tools to understand, observe, empathize and help to effectively listen to those around us.


Homiletics II
This course will focus on the major aspects of homiletics: the movement from exegesis to the sermon, and the practice of preparing and preaching sermons.  The treatment of the theology of homiletics will introduce students to the theology of the Word of God and of preaching, and will include consideration of the definition, purpose, and […]


Apocalyptic Literature
This course is an analysis of the writings in the Bible whose narratives use esoteric language in dismal times to speak to us of imminent cataclysmic events and the victory of God.


A Study of the Parables of Jesus
Description: The study of the parables of Jesus will always be an important task since such a large part of Jesus’ teachings is transmitted through parables. The course will track down the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words for ‘parable’ and try to understand the context in which they were first uttered and also […]



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